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L Examen de minuit (Midnight Examination of Consience) by Charles

Basely we have heaped melancholy On the weak man wrongly decried, We have saluted endless Folly With its bull's brow and its ram's hide, We have with uttermost conviction Kissed Matter in its vilest essence, And we have lavished benediction On the wan glimmer of putrescence.

Enfin, nous avons, pour noyer. Le vertige clans le délire, Nous, prêtre orgueilleux de la Lyre, Dont la gloire est de déployer, l'ivresse des choses funèbres, Bu sans soif et mangé sans faim!. Finally, drowning vertigo In stark delirium, shamefully, We, levites of the Lyre, lo! We Whose glory was devised to show Sorrow's brave rapture and grief's spark, Have feasted without appetite! Quickly, let us snuff out the light And hide in the indulgent dark!

Servile hangman, we have saddened The weak man, wrongfully despised, Saluted enormous Folly, Folly with the brow of a bull; Kissed with great devotion Stupid and unfeeling Matter And bestowed our blessing on The wan light of putrefaction; Finally we have, to drown Vertigo in delirium, We, the proud priest of the Lyre, Whose glory is to show The rapture.

The Thirteenth, Friday, as it chances! A fatal date; when all is said, In spite of all we know, we've led The most heretical of dances. Today we've spent blaspheming Jesus, The incontestable, sole Lord; Like a base sponger at the board Of some intolerable Croesus, We have, to please the beast within us, The Devil's worthy advocate, Defamed all.

Come, quick, my soul, blow out the light, To hide in shades of blackest night! Roy Campbell, Poems of Baudelaire (New York: Pantheon Books, 1952) At Midnight Ironic as the voice of Fate, Those dulcet chimes will have us start Pondering over, to our woe, The mined hours they bid depart. Vite soufflons la lampe, afin, de nous cacher dans les ténèbres! Charles Baudelaire. Examination of Conscience at Midnight, the clock striking midnight, ironically invites us, to call to mind what use we made. Today, a fateful dateline, sic, Friday, thirteenth! In spite of all, We have lived helpless in the thrall Of sin, a stubborn heretic! We have blasphemed, denying Jesus, The one irrefutable Lord!