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In recent years, Sweeney has established herself as a leading heroine, with the show centering on the popular and controversial relationships between Sami and her love interests Austin Reed(Patrick Muldoon Brandon Walker(Matt Cenedo Lucas Horton bryan Dattilo EJ DiMera james Scott and Rafe Hernandez ( Galen Gering ). Its just strange when I dont get to work with him all the time."17 "16 years later, I think Sami had been through a lot of crazy stuff, to say the least.

Although she initially hated him, the couple ended up in a "night of passion" resulting in another pregnancy.14 Of whether EJ or Lucas was Sami's "true love Sweeney said "I personally think Sami and Lucas truly love each other, but obviously a lot has gone on between them that has pushed them apart. Days of our Lives, portrayed by, alison Sweeney. The character was born on-screen during the episode dated October 16, 1984, and her birth date was later. Sorased to October 16, 1975.

I would love to see her in new and different scenes."11 Sweeney on Sami's storylines (2008) TV Guide ' s Nelson Branco named Lucas and Sami one of soap's greatest supercouples, and said "For years all this couple could think of was breaking up Austin and Carrie, until one magical day, partners-in-crime and cohorts Sami and Lucas realized they were in. They have never done it. I think its about time, frankly. There is a good opportunity for story there. Alison Sweeney (Sami) and I work very well together. Its sort of a fairy tale.

Its a new, different storyline for Sami."17 Children Edit Sami is mother to four children: Will Horton(Guy Wilson Johnny DiMera(Aaron and Griffin Kunitz  Allie Horton (Carolyn and Campbell Rose) and Sydney DiMera (Isabelle and Sahara Roberts). Now as Days reigning super couple, they face the evil wrath of EJ and his family, The DiMeras. Will Sami marry EJ, the man who raped her to end this family feud forever and will Lucas be able to forgive her?"21 Despite this, the couple divorced and despite minor reunions since, haven't been a couple.14 James Scott said "Theyre not really re-visiting.

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