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Toute les tranformation de bloom mehr, dieses Video beinhaltet Material von Rainbowsrl. Tecna did not save anyone specifically from her own realm, she saved the realm of Andros by forcing her way through the portal to the Omega Dimension and thus shutting the portal. Appearance, enchantix fairies wear flowing clothes and barefoot sandals. They have big colorful wings that often have jewels hanging off of them, and are covered in fairy dust. Their outfits are extremely bright and are sometimes complicated.

HD! Enchantix allows the Winx to overpower the Trix, but not the Wizards of the Black Circle. Enchantix is the first transformation to be first earned in the sixth episode of a season.

Enchantix also allows Fairies to earn new Higher Fairy Forms such as Believix, Harmonix, and Sirenix and possibly many others as well that are accessible only in specific situations and give them more powers compared to other normal/Enchantix fairies. Also, even though her Enchantix powers were incomplete when she earned them, in the Cinélume version, Bloom's passion to defeat evil, and her undying hopes and dreams to find her birth parents may have been what helped her earn her own Enchantix powers.

Her love for her friend was so strong that it was enough to earn her her Enchantix. However, since Galatea is the princess of Musa's realm, Melody, this implies she gained her Enchantix in the conventional way by saving someone from her realm.