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It is later revealed that he'd lost his parents at a relatively young age, leaving him to care for his younger sister, Chisel, whom he doted on. When Chisel fell deathly ill, he out of desperation joined the Syndicate so he could get medicine for her, and he quickly gained a reputation as a ruthless killer who showed no mercy. She is very forgiving, even allowing Alternate, a former enemy, to join the group. Her demeanor makes her likable to others, and she builds friendships easily, even with people who initially dislike her.

Mingchao has a kind, carefree personality, yet can show outstanding courage when her friends are in danger. She is also incredibly fortunate, to the point that Benkate has dubbed her as having the "Devil's Luck" due to her uncanny ability to narrowly avoid death or injury. Due to his head injury he began to suffer from intense, migraines that seemed to worsen over time, and Blush starts to offer Baskerville "medicine" for his headaches to make him do his bidding. She gets quite agitated when it is believed that Baskerville was dead and again later when she learns that he's lost his memory. Despite themselves, they work well together, and Benkate seems to develop a fondness for playfully flirting with and/or teasing Baskerville. Her father then proceeded to gloat about his dark, underground exploits and how great it was he'd gained so much power. Mingchao, shocked and appalled that she shared this man's blood, quickly grew enraged by his callous referrals to all the misery he caused, a rage and deep sadness that only amplified when he, discovering that his daughter didn't agree. He also is goaded several times into nearly shooting at Mingchao. When he regains his memories, he stops experiencing headaches and therefore, quits relying on the drug, though he continues to pretend he has amnesia until he's able to rejoin Mingchao and the others.

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