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So many kinds of reality to filter through her fantasies. Carlton arms hotel, book new york hotel story, 3d imgages, dark room photographer, analog special effects, Thomas Csano, Adam Bilinski, mike tyler, dan bern, bernstein, brigitte henry, romie gracia, gabriel coutu-dumont, andre bowen, jessica bowen, andre charles, robin banksy, Irene Dogmatic, Thais Charbonnet, Jane Laine, Bruno Hadjadj, Tokyo Girls, Lenticular. Nathalie Daoust, nathalie Daoust - Whether in New York, Tokyo or Barcelona, Nathalie Daoust has always asserted a childs contempt for reality. The young photographer from Montreal has devoted all her art to unveiling the secrets hidden under the apparent stability of forms. Daoust is a conceptual creator, photographer and set designer, an explorer in the artistic adventure. Until now her peregrinations have taken her from New York, the Carlton Arms hotel, to the Love Hotels of Tokyo, the workshop of a printer in Bali, or a high tech lab in Sydney. Her fascination for hotel rooms attests to her interest in intimacy : that which is fashioned in the blurs, the ghostly shadows and the blotted contours. Sheltered from the light of day, her rooms fashioned after Lewis Carroll notions welcome fuzzy silhouettes, sometimes erotic, pared down, always with a point of humor. Atari: Game Over was one of the few projects to be produced by Xbox Entertainment Studios, which officially closed its doors last month.

Attache-moi! Nana to Kaoru, littéralement «Nana et Kaoru est un manga écrit et dessiné par Ryuta Amazume. Il a été prépublié entre 2008 et. Ballet des Revenants (from Quatre Pieces Caracteristiques, Op 5). Ballet des Revenants (from Quatre Pieces Caracteristiques, Op 5).

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