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Specialties 25 seat, New American Comfort Food Restaurant in the Tenderloin District of San Francisco. Boutique Wines from top producers foreign and domestic, as well as, a fine craft beer list. Welcome to, wollerton Old Hall Garden, website, chris Beardshaw "I can show anyone, anywhere in the world, photos of this place and they all agree that it is a world-class example of an English Garden". Chris Packham "What has to be one of the most beautiful gardens I have ever seen". Sir Roy Strong "The test of a good garden is whether it fires you up to change your own and that Wollerton Old Hall always does in spades". Open Tues-Sat 530pm-10pm and Saturdays Sundays for brunch 11am-230pm. Huxley also recommends, huxley says, Great selection of whiskey/bourbon/scotch. Casual atmosphere, friendly service and great place for a shot and a beer.

Huxley says, Cozy neighborhood wine bar. Great place to grab a drink pre or post dinner at Huxley!

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