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But Gintoki knows nothing! Does the child really belong to him!? Mother. Chapters 104-106, episodes 54-55, a mother wakes up the Yorozuya, requesting help to find her son who might've gotten into some trouble. Parodies Monster Hunter. Correspondence Chapters 203-206 Episodes 126-128 After telling the Otsu fanclub that the only girl for them is Otsu, Shinpachi receives a letter in a bottle asking him if it was fate that brought them together. Gintama aussi comic soit il reste un shonen, faut pas oubli que l'anime est tir du manga, tous les arcs s rieux de Gintama font avancer l'histoire. Hardboiled Detective, chapters 135-137, episodes 84-85. A detective (who considers himself "hardboiled and his apprentice have been trying to catch an elusive thief for a long time. Here comes the Yorozuya to help! Shinpachi and Kagura try to help him remember who he is, but will they succeed.? Train Samurai, chapters 85-86, episodes 34-35. Cat ears are the rage in the Otsu Fanclub, but Shinpachi won't take it. Hasegawa Prosecution, chapters 153-155, episodes 94-95. Hasegawa phones Hatsu about his new job and wishes to live together again, but he hears another man and Hatsu is forced to hang up. Gintoki and the others return to Yoshiwara. Popularity Contest Chapters 265-268 Episodes 182-184 After the second character poll, some characters aren't taking the results very well. There's someone out there who wants to alter the results by taking out the higher-ranked characters!

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