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Hoping that I might get some help in getting to Les Baux, I went to the local tourist office. Unfortunately, they told me that buses only run to Les Baux in July and that the only way for me to get there is by taxi. More, cathedral, i liked very much the cathedral in Le Baux. There is also a nice view from the terrace next to it. Do not miss both. More, art in a Quarry, les Carrieres de Lumieres is art - sound and light show - in an old abandoned quarry, not far from Les Baux de Provence. More, chapels Near South End of the Cliff, on another part of the hill there stands the walls of a Chapel of St. Blaise and next to it another of St. More, see the Maison des Porcelets, the simple facade of the Maison des Porcelets is intact near the church, as is an adjacent small domed tower. Along the main street and nearby are many shops of varying quality. First go into the larger Eglise St. Vincent. It is a 12th century church and is partly built into the rock of the cliff on which it stands. As with most older churches, it has been renovated and changed over the years. More by solopes Updated Dec 23, 2013 Helpfulness The main local business seems to be. Herbs. Aromatic herbs and tea are sold everywhere, thus, the prices should be very convenient. However, shopping is not my speciality. It was summer and we sat on their long porch, al fresco. All that I have left are pictures of the place to park and the beautiful garden. More by brenns Written May 20, 2006 Helpfulness I was in St Remy de Provence in May.

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