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Having worked in a multicultural environment-in the form of a science research group-was also a large benefit. But did not fully prepare me! The course certainly does teach you to appreciate, and fit into, other cultures. To get to the top, experience in all roles is essential. Many of the skills that are necessary for that and that have helped me so far were enhanced at CDI-a very strong springboard at the start of my international career. It has yet to target markets in the UK or US, which could improve awareness of its qualifications in some quarters. CDI certainly opened as many doors for me as I'd hoped it would. With this money, the college funds the classes, travel, and accommodation when classes are abroad (classes can be in Paris; Stuttgart; St Gallen, Switzerland; or Montreal, regardless of your "home" base). The Collège Des Ingénieurs ( CDI) offers a management fellowship leading to an MBA. Exclusively for science and engineering postgrads from selected universities world-wide, the 10-month programme is based in Paris, Stuttgart, or Montreal, with classes given by industry leaders and professors from top international business schools. I realised that this training and qualification would complement my research background well and could accelerate the international industry career I was aiming for. Not only would it hone my management and business skills, improve my languages, and offer extensive experience in European and North American business, this course is also designed for "high potentials." It is tailored for those. In a university environment, there are numerous (free) activities and training opportunities that can extend your experiences way beyond your particular field of study-as well as providing a wealth of networking possibilities.

Le Collège des ingénieurs (CDI) est une institution internationale indépendante d éducation, connue pour son diplôme de master en administration des affaires.

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