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La soci t Red Bull - Le fondateur et l'inventeur

F r Mobiltelefone optimiert Le marketing strat gique de Red Bull 1. Welcome to the world of 2. Red Bull histoire 1984. Check out Lucho Vidales and his work on Facebook and Instagram, where he shares behind the scenes photos of his shoots. This article first appeared on the broncolor blog, in the second edition of our Whats in the Bag?

At present Lucho is using artificial light for a large part of his productions, which is supported by broncolor lighting equipment. The other day Lucho paid us a visit in the tx-lab studio and talked to us about his current projects.

F r Mobiltelefone optimiert Austrian manufacturer loses US lawsuit and agrees to pay out to anyone who drank Red Bull in. I have always been surrounded by sports, both rugby in the past and now more urban sports. I believe that it is vital to lead a healthy and active life and to take care of our body, this also helps us to hold our heads properly." "I have always been very interested in action, but I try not to focus.

In my photographs I try to place importance on the settings in which the activities take place, and also to tell the story of those who practise these activities and their lifestyle.". F r Mobiltelefone optimiert Infiniti Red Bull Racing website. First F1 grand prix: 1950 first GP AT cota: 2012. I improved with prac-tice until I realized that I didnt want to do anything else besides photography.". Where does this bias towards sports photography come from? "My enjoyment of sports photography comes from everyday life.