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Neither one is better or worse than the other. Preferring one style does not mean that you cant interact effectively in many contexts, but just that you might have to make some adjustments if, for example, your style is predominantly high context and you find yourself functioning in a largely low context culture, or vice-versa.

5. I tend to have a small, close circle of friends rather than a large, but less close, circle of friends. 6. When working with others, I prefer to get the job done first and socialize afterward rather than socialize first and then tackle the job.

Copyright m. All other trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners. All rights reserved. One thing to remember is that few cultures, and the people in them, are totally at one end of the spectrum or the other. They usually fall somewhere in between and may have a combination of high and low context characteristics. 16. In order to learn about something, I tend to consult many sources of information rather than to go to the one best authority. 17. In figuring out problems, I prefer focusing on the whole situation to focusing on specific parts or taking one step at a time. High, context (HC lOW, context (LC association, relationships depend on trust, build up slowly, are stable. One distinguishes between people inside and people outside one's circle. How things get done depends on relationships with people and attention to group process. 100, you just watched your 100th video lesson. You have earned a badge for this achievement! 200, congratulations! You just finished watching your 200th lesson and earned a badge! 300, congratulations!

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