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Etc. Usage: How to Use Etc. Correctly Make Your English Work

(5) Mention of any information by name is prohibited, including such items as the New Army, Territorials, etc., also names of units or individuals. Knit goods are manufactured, but the importance of the place is due to its sulphur springs, the waters of which are used for the treatment of skin diseases, gout, rheumatism, etc., and to the tonic air. It is the seat of one of the seven superior courts of the republic, and is connected with the coast by telegraph and telephone. The stone knives, arrowheads, celts, hoe-blades, hammers, nails, awls, etc., associated with this pottery are of kinds which though simple and often crude in type are nevertheless not early, but date from the transition period to.

If Bundelkhand is formed ;it will be the ninth bigger state of India. The use of non-foodstuffs, or cellulosic materials, such as grasses, reeds, straws, peat, waste wood, sawdust, etc., is not yet possible, for, although research work is in progress to discover a process that could be worked on a commercial basis in those regions where such materials exist in.

What if it is a research paper? Example: Various technologies like Java, Microsoft, Unix, etc.? /h4 br p style"text-align: justify span style"font-size:14px span style"font-family:verdana, geneva,sans-serif Many non-native English authors face challenges while writing a research paper. (We wont get into the serial comma issue here.) When its in the middle of the sentence, it doesnt need to be followed by a comma. Etc. And for example With a list introduced by for example or an equivalent phrase, theres no need to use etc., because for example already implies that there are other examples that could be listed.

In this example, theres no mystery about what etc. Indicates: All non-human primatesmonkeys, gorillas, chimpanzees, etc. Exhibit some form of tool use. And in this example, the author uses etc. Because including a fuller list would be unnecessary: For 99 cents, users can punch in their current mood (sad, tempted, worried, etc.). His published works include a Manual of Chemistry (1861 Lectures an Animal Chemistry (1866 Outlines of Chemistry (1869 Chemistry (1884 etc. He died at Oxford Feb. Around the cottages in the mountains the land is cleared for cultivation, and produces thriving crops of barley, wheat, buckwheat, millet, mustard, chillies, etc.