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Next, set up the PlayOn UPnP share on the xbmc, by going to Videos menu in the xbmc. Select Files Add Videos Browse UPnP Devices PlayOn (your computer name) and click OK. Before you get started, add Netflix and Hulu as a separate UPnP source in the xbmc Videos menu. For example, to add Netflix as a separate source, select Files Add Videos Browse UPnP Devices PlayOn (your computer name) Netflix and click OK. You will get access to your favorite TV shows, movies and sports from Hulu, Netflix, espn, CNN, CBS, Amazon VOD, HBO Go and more. Tip! You can access Netflix Hulu from any country with a great DNS redirection tool called UnblockUS. He isn't scared of bricking a cell phone in the name of freedom. Published. Using xbmc Flicks. Xbmc Flicks works like any other Netflix streaming application. You have access to browse your instant queue, top 25, new arrivals, or by genre. You can even search to jump right to a video whether or not it is in your instant queue.

How to Set it Up on Kodi The Easy Way Just download PlayOn here and install it to your Windows-based computer. In order to register your copy, open PlayOn Settings (Go to Start All Programs PlayOn PlayOn Settings) and enter the license information on the Registration tab. Thats it. Now you can proceed with adding the media files to your Kodi media library. How to Add PlayOn Recordings to Kodi. Next, lets add recorded media files to the Kodi library. Now, you are ready to browse the large collection of premium content and play your first TV show or movie. How to Set it Up on Kodi The Advanced Way If you want to really integrate your favorite TV shows and movies into your Kodi library, you will need to use the Library plugin together with the PlayOn.