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I know, I understand it all, I plan to understand it all. But hey, that's not the answer I want, give me a reason why, as you left, I wanted to say "I don't want someone like you, so goodbye". Disco Music released during 1979: 212 - "Daddy" 212 - "Duke's Train" 212 - "Manhattan Shuffle" 7th Wonder - \"Do it with Your Body\ a Taste of Honey - \"Dance\ a Taste of Honey - "Race". Costandinos and the Syncophonic Orchestra featuring Alirol and Jacquet - "Synergy" - based on Vivaldi's "Summer" Concerto from "The Four Seasons" Alfredo de la Fe - "Hot to Trot" Alison McCallum - "Superman (Disco Version - electro-disco remake of her 1972 song Allain - "Santa Monica" - electro-disco Allan Harris and Perpetual Motion - "Get Ready" Alma Faye Brooks. One Way featuring Al Hudson) - "You Can Do It" - electro-disco; reached #15 Pop in the U.K. In October 1979 Al Martino - "Torero" - latin-disco Al Styne - "One More Touch" - electro-disco Al Wilson - "Earthquake" Al Wilson - If You Don't Believe I'm Leaving You) Count the Days I'm Gone" Al Wilson - "Save a Dance". Discofied theme songs and intros were commonplace on. American television. While there were many good disco songs in 1979 (among the most noteworthy are "My Forbidden Lover" and "Good Times" by Chic, "Under Your Spell" by Phyllis Hyman, "Rock With You" by Michael Jackson, "Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now" by McFadden and Whitehead, and "What 'Cha. Facebook, twitter, follow, embed, verse 1: Chris Brown, you're a goddess in the bedroom, devil in them skintights. Drug that, I'm hooked to, but it's okay, I'll be alright. Tried my best to please you, show you what it means to be a victim of love. Diana Ross classic, abbe Lane - "Armed and Extremely Dangerous" - cover of First. Choice's 1973 hit, abbe Lane - "Over the Rainbow" - rock-disco version of the classic from the 1939 movie \"The Wizard of Oz\ abbe Lane - "You Make It Hard to Love You" - electro-disco.