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Ski les Orres Janvier 2012.wmv

Italians in their usual 1 piece dayglo suits made for an interesting wait though. Oh, and don't get me started on a pizza and coffee lunch slope side that took over 90 minutes!

Duck was pretty good, music was okay and the countdown was just French! I don't even think there was one. Bon Annee! Boy was it tough to go skiing at 10 the next day. I would also like to thank my team mates (still haven't got a clue what our quiz team name was) for winning the Quiz. A massive achievement, since TC has won every general knowledge quiz since grade 3, and he was on a different team. I was not a happy camper with the shoddy service. But those are about the only moans. The snow was fantastic with 2 fresh dumps of powder and we made the most of it. I did a lot of off piste skiing and some quite challenging runs down through the forests. Our instructor was brave enough to trust our ability to self rescue in the thick snow, so we managed to go down some really deserted runs. I did enjoy being served late into the night y my ski instructor, but not quite as much as the Matt Ski Instructor fan club, or what say you Anna, Sadaf and Lisa? TC almost bouncing into the trees and Damo with a face full of snow stuck to his sun cream. I won't mention the time Damo almost jumped off the chairlift on the return path (6 foot above ground!) Other stories involved Anna dunking herself in snow cannon to stop, Angela attempting a Butch James style cum no arms barge tackle. Those of us that were roaring to go, went up to the slopes, via the most vicious of button lifts known to ski slopes! Well, to be truthful, the skiers went up.

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