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Against Nature by J.-K. Huysmans His Futile Preoccupations

Among these suggestive creations were some executed by an artist whose genius allured and entranced him: Gustave Moreau. It was des Esseintes opinion that never before, in any period, had the art of painting produced such brilliant hues; never before had an artists wretched chemical pigments been able to make a canvas sparkle so brightly with precious stones, shine so.

Antropotecnias fin de siècle: la subjetividad decadente de Jean Floressas des. Esseintes. Fin-de-siècle anthropo-technologies: The decadent.

For the delight of his spirit and the joy of his eyes, he had desired a few suggestive creations that cast him into an unknown world, revealing to him the contours of new conjectures, agitating the nervous system by the violent deliriums, complicated nightmares, terrible and indolent visions they induced.

La particularité de ce roman est qu il ne s y passe presque rien : la narration se focalise essentiellement sur le personnage principal, Jean des Esseintes, un.

Jul 31, 2010. Against Nature concerns the last descendant of the once robust des Esseintes family, Duc Jean Floressas de Esseintes. The novel begins with. Once he had cut himself off from contemporary life, he had resolved to allow nothing to enter his hermitage which might breed repugnance or regret; and so he had set his heart on finding a few pictures of subtle, exquisite refinement, steeped in an atmosphere of ancient fantasy, wrapped in an aura of antique corruption, divorced from modern times and.

Going back to ethnographic sources, to the origins of mythologies, the blood-stained enigmas of which he would compare and analyze; reuniting and blending into a whole the legends of the Far East which had been metamorphosed by the beliefs of other peoples, he justified in this way his architectonic fusions, his luxurious and unexpected amalgams of material, his hieratic and.

Jean Floressas des Esseintes es un joven francés de familia aristcrata, titular del Château de Lourps. Huérfano desde la adolescencia, las relaciones con.

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