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SimCity BuildIt Tips, Hints And Strategies

I was drawn to this game very quickly, gathering lots of resources, upgrading all of my buildings, organizing my buildings neatly so I looked like and OCD freak and just generally taking care of all the little people who lived in my domain. I like how SimCity BuildIt has stayed true to its roots and the overall structure of the game hasnt changed all that much, you are the citys mayor and you have to work on making it even better to make your population grow. As you work on leveling up, you begin hitting brick walls in your progress. You begin to see timers appearing on your construction jobs and resource wait times, first waiting for only a minute, but quickly having to wait upwards of twenty minutes to collect your resources. I love the art provided for the change from night to day and day to night. Music and SFX: I give the game a 6/10 for its music and SFX. Whilst the music to this game is definitely fun and full of spunk, the sound effects used are cheesy and stereotypical and make me just want to mute my game.  Unfortunately SimCash costs real money and it can take a long time to save up Simoleons for your projects. Thats why weve added the hack for SimCity BuildIt to AGC.  Its been tested to work on both Android and iOS devices and is totally free to download. Several users have complained about spontaneously losing their entire games and only to be met by silence when they turned to EA for help in resolving their issues. With every new update comes drastically changing prices, less resource supply demands being met and even reduced range for buildings like the fire station. Story and Originality: I give the game a 4/10 for its story and originality. While at first it seems like an awesome new original game with nothing like it out there, as you get deeper into the game, you find yourself realizing that many features of the game are really no different than popular games like Farmville, CityVille or even.