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Yeah, so the catalog is still a bit limited, but hey, theres always something you can watch thatll be better than staring at a crawling progress bar. Probably. I actually gave the streaming a whirl a few weeks back, sitting down to watch the classic. Right? Thank you, your message has been sent. Sorry, there was an error emailing this page. Popular Web and Communications Software, subscribe to the Apple @ Work Newsletter, by submitting your email address you are consenting to receive email notifications from IDG. Sponsored Links.

Last month, the company finally began rolling out the feature to some Mac users, but today the company sent an email to its Mac-using subscribers announcing that the service is now available to all Mac users. Well, almost all Mac users. If youre still kicking it PowerPC-style, Im afraid youre out of luck: the Silverlight-based player requires an Intel processor. But the rest of us living in the future can now enjoy our ability to watch B horror movies and endless documentaries without ever having to look away from our precious computer screens. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. (I say classic, but it turns out things haven't really changed that much in Washington in seventy years). For the most part, the experience is pretty solid, although I did run into a couple of connection hiccups; fortunately, Netflix remembers where you left off, and it resumed correctly every time.