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- roger harrabin, green party leader - natalie bennett. Democratising local food supply chain IN nottingham - penny poyzer marsha smith. Sustainability IN THE stars - iain hossack, burma update - DR zarni. Wednesday, human rights -panel debate with hugo charlton, shane collins, JO berry AND, disability rights - mary-ellen, global consciousness fairtrade - rakesh agarwal, thursday, fILM, climate - panel debate with john sauvan, theo simon, natalie bennett christopher hird, towardlobal consciousness - SAM hermitage, jean vidler, MAC macartney, tHE politics OF pleasure - caroline smart, blacklisted, THE secret WAR between BIG.

Drugs legalisation around THE world- shane collins, aNTI-bullying workshop - actionworks, wAKE UP NOW MAC macartney, friday, fILM, energy - panel debate with john sauven, natalie bennett theo simon, earth consciousness - putting THE planet first - david taylor, police spies OUT OF lives - jenny jones panel, dreaming OF paris: what chance oeal TO save THE climate?

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