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LG oled TV and Samsung plasma win 2014 Value Electronics

LG wrgb subpixels, lG is using a different architecture for their oled TVs. The so-called wrgbstructure uses four white sub pixels (made from yellow and blue emitters) with color filters on top: white (unfiltered red, green and blue. French siteLesnumeriques posted an article on Samsung's KN55S9C curved oled TV, in which they include a macro-photo showing the TV's sub pixels up close: As you can see, the blue subpixels are bigger than the red and green ones (about twice as large). Published on, june 16, 2014 3:32 PM, which leaves LG all by its lonely. One year after launching its first oled TV, Samsung has decided to leave the sector to rival brand LG.

This leaves LG as the lone survivor with its woled TVs (55EA970V and 55EA980W). In fact, LG has already moved on to its second generation and is planning to release an Ultra HD series (55 65" and 77 in the coming months.

It seems that each subpixel is made from two actual diodes (look closely for example on the bright red subpixels inside the green frame above). In addition, the light seems to be scattered to the sides of those diodes (and so you'll see dimmer light to the sides of the actual sub pixels).

But the monopoly shouldn't last indefinitely. Other hopefuls have already joined the race, such as TCL, which may very well be working on its own large-diagonal Ultra HD oled models. We also expect to see some from Thomson in 2015, hopefully at a price that will incite others to lower their own.

LG 55EA980W, store, available. Price, laptops Direct - 2999.00, see offer, lG 55EA970V, with so much pressure over HD TV prices, Samsung's KE55S9C oled TV didn't fare as well as planned.

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