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This page contains spoilers! A Gang Story (French Title: Les Lyonnais/The Lyonnais ) is a 2011 French crime drama directed by Olivier Marchal. Loosely based on a true story, the film is about a former bank robber named Edmond "Momon" Vidal (Gérard Lanvin) who is forced to look into his past as the leader of the most notorious armed robbery.

The enduring friendship between two notorious criminals is put to the ultimate test in this sprawling crime saga based on the memoirs of gangster Edmond Vidal and directed by Olivier Marchal (MR 73).

Gerard Lanvin, Tcheky Karyo, and Daniel Duval star. More. Edmond Vidal (aka Momon) grew up in an impoverished Gypsy camp. As a result, loyalty, pride, and family were his greatest values. As a child, Vidal established a powerful bond with Serge Suttel when they were arrested for stealing cherries.

Christo draws his M1911A1. Zerbib (Laurent Fernandez) steps on Christo's hand and pistol after incapacitating him. Serge holds a M1911A1 on Zerbib. SIG P210. Momon (Gérard Lanvin) uses a SIG P210 with adjustable sights as his weapon of choice. Beretta 8000 Cougar F - 9x19mm, diego brandishes his Beretta Cougar. CZ-75B, a CZ-75B with an engraved slide is used by Zerbib (Laurent Fernandez a gangster seeking revenge after being ripped off by Suttel. The officer takes cover as his van is riddled with bullets. The officer returns fire. IMI Galil SAR One of the gunmen who break Suttel out of police custody uses an IMI Galil SAR.